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Welcome to the Gallery 


Gothic Fiction 

Hawthorne Cottage
​ISBN - 9781462632017  
Professor Greystone Series (Volume One)          

While taking a holiday from the noisome atmosphere of Victorian London, Alexander Greystone, a professor of medieval studies, finds that the quaint country cottage that he has rented in Hampshire has a very dark and sinister secret. Upon his arrival at the cottage, he immediately discovers, after finding a painting in the garret and hanging it above the fireplace, that the subjects of the painting, the seven Hawthorne sisters, did not immigrate to America as regional rumours had suggested. With an innate ability to see and converse with the dead, and his acute deductive reasoning, Alexander solves the decades old mystery of what became of the Hawthorne sister and why they haunt Hawthorne Cottage. 

                Available in paperback, audiobook & all ebook formats    

The Witch of Mollbury
ISBN - 9781497478930
Professor Greystone Series (Volume Two)

In this sequel to Hawthorne Cottage, Professor Alexander Greystone accompanies Constable James Kingsley to Suffolk, England, where the rampaging ghost of a long dead witch is terrorizing the village of Mollbury. After the murder of a prominent poet, who had escaped to London from his estate in Mollbury, Alexander and James begin encountering the ghost of a young girl, who had been executed during the witch-hunts in Suffolk in the seventeen century. Though tormented by misfortune, Alexander and James work their way by train to Suffolk, only to find that in Mollbury, murder is frequent, the dead roam the streets at night, and nothing is as it appears.

The Excursion Train

(Short Story)

A writer is visited by a strange man with an even stranger story.  The man claims to have recently ridden an old steam excursion train on the Eve of Samhain, resulting in a terrifying experience where he encountered ghosts from the second world war. Listening to and recording the incredible narrative, the writer discovers that the most horrifying part of the story comes after the man finishes and then leaves the premises.


Henceforth beware where time is keeping

the dead abroad who are not sleeping . . .


In the Mist of Killarney
(An Irish Faery Tale) 

Ireland 1911:


After encountering a faery in the woodlands near his home when he was child, Emmet Brehon, a professor of Irish history, spends his life pursuing the belief that faeries were more than just elements of mythology. After teaching a class, he receives a note from a stranger who claims to know where the faeries can be found. Following a map that the stranger gives him, Emmet travels to a faery circle and mound near Lough Leane in Kerry where he encounters two ghostly little girls and a faery light. After snapping a photograph of the two girls and the faery light with his Brownie camera, Emmet's life becomes twisted when he discovers that he can't rid himself of the photograph and disasters occur whenever he is present. He soon loses all in life that is precious to him, including his sanity. 

The Continuous Turn
An Anthology of Love and the Supernatural

From the elated light of love to the forbidding darkness of death these six, time progressive stories relate to the horrors of romantic involvement. Beginning in 1854, a London writer finds the prospects of love in a voice that emanates from a dark corner of his flat. The second story is set in 1876 and involves the insoluble relationship between a wealthy English army officer and a young woman of common status. The American Civil War is the backdrop for the third story, which tells of a young soldier who finds his one true love in the substance of his dreams. The fourth story moves forward to Montana, 1910, and relates to a father and his two sons who buy a house that is haunted by the ghost of a lonely female who is seeking an immortal love. Manfred's Gallery, the fifth rendering, regales the reader with the story of a schizophrenic artist in post WWII Seattle, who paints the portraits of his delusions. Lastly "The Atheist" is a man who becomes tired of his wife's religious fervor and decides to murder her; he subsequently falls to the horrors of providential justice.

The Black Bird  

London, 1888 - An opium addled poet with a lapsing memory begins a dark descent into madness after he encounters the persistence of a large raven, which he believes is the mythic bird that wings the souls of the deceased to the afterlife.


As the tenacious black bird torments the waking hours of Sir James Addison, his sleep at night is haunted by the victims of Jack the Ripper, who is rampaging the streets of London. To escape his nightmares and alleviate his brooding temperament, Sir James and his closest friend, Cornelius Ingram, flee to the moors of Yorkshire and to a haunted manor known as Windham house, but the raven follows and the spectre of death is waiting. 

The Stir of a Thousand Voices

England, 1876 - After a surreptitious return from India with his wife, who had contracted leprosy, Doctor Rupert Whitaker (a colonel in the British Army) locks her away in a dark bedroom at his estate in Devonshire. Driven by guilt, Doctor Whitaker takes the care of his wife to task while keeping her father and brother at bay. While concealing the knowledge of his wife's illness from her father and the household staff, the multitudes of ghosts from his past begin haunting him, driving him to madness, which leads to murder, mayhem, and to the destruction of Whitaker Hall.

Doctor Finch and the Body Snatchers

(Short Story)

The time is the American Civil War, the place is Louisville, Kentucky where a notable physician and professor at a medical school becomes in need of cadavers for student studies. Offering high wages for acceptable corpses, Doctor Theodore Finch hires an old ignorant and destitute man, Johnathan Brooks, and his young Christian wife, Theda, to remove the enemy dead from local battle fields. Upon the thirty-first of October, and during a full moon, the body snatchers, the doctor, and his students learn that the dead are not always at peace.

The Dreamer


Danial Sawyer, a young blacksmith, was considered by the townsfolk of Emerson, Pennsylvania to be a malingerer and a teller of tall tales who was frequently daydreaming. Daniel’s hard and mundane life changed when he met the girl of his dreams, Miss Anna Mae Prophet, a comely young woman who he stumbled upon as she was bathing in a small pond. As time bonded him and Anna Mae, their forthcoming wedding became postponed by the arrival of war, the war of secession, a violent time where Danial’s only escape was through the pleasant dreams of his betrothed.  It was after being shot and wounded at the Battle of Gettysburg that Danial finally discovered the truth behind his dreams.

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